1. Q: Why do we need to empty belongings from our kitchen and bathroom?
    A: All items and belongings must be removed so technicians can ensure thoroughness when applying treatment in an unobstructed manner.
  2. Q: Is the baiting treatment harmful to my health?
    A: All chemicals are low toxicity and approved by the Ministry of Environment.
    The chemical that is currently being used is Avert Dry Flowable For more information please visit “” and use the PCP Code # 28403 or try this link:
  3. Q: If it’s not harmful, why do I need to leave my unit?
    A: Simply put, ease of treatment. Technicians need to feel free to work.
  4. Q: Can I put my belongings back the shelves after treatment.
    A: If overspray is present you may conduct a full vacuum and clean excess powder or water. However, refrain from washing, cleaning baseboards and cupboard drawers for 30 days for full effectiveness.
  5. Q: How effective is this treatment?
    A: It depends of many factors like level of preparation, sanitation, and live activity.
  6. Q: When should I see results?
    A: If live activity isn’t reduced within 2 weeks please contact management.

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