Viewing room

The viewing room is located all the way at the top of the building on the PH (or “penthouse”) level.

It has its own washroom, a billiard table, couches and provides outdoor access to the rooftop for a beautiful, breathtaking view of Mississauga and parts of Toronto.

To gain access to the viewing room, simply book the viewing room at the security concierge on the first floor (ground floor) who will then give you the key to the viewing room. Once you have the viewing room key, take the elevator all the way to the top floor (the “PH” floor).  Enter the south stairwell (between units PH02 and PH03) and ascend the stairs to the viewing room’s entry door which can be unlocked using the viewing room key.

Billiard sticks (or “billiard/pool cues”) and billiard balls can also be signed out from the security concierge.